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Current usage of LINE and Instagram, according to the data

  Many people use social networking sites every day. This time, we’ll be bringing

Popular SNS are Decreasing XXXXX!

Communication tools such as SNS, (hereafter collectively referred to as SNS within this article)

Over 30% of high school students watched the anime movie “Your Name”

We did a large-scale survey involving over 10,000 respondents about the 2016 hit anime

Why is Nico-nama better than other livestreaming services?-The appeal of “Nico-nama”, according to livestream hosts-

Online livestreams are the thing right now. Nowadays, in addition to companies that provide

A small theme park “Photo Sticker Machines”-a look into the world of “beautifying”- Part 3

Photo Sticker Machines are an important tool in the communication arsenal among mostly high-school

A small theme park “Photo Sticker Machines” -a look into the world of “beautifying”- Part 2

In Japan,“Yamanba” became popular in early 2000s, and “Ofero make-up” became popular in late

A small theme park “Photo Sticker Machines” -a look into the world of “beautifying”- Part 1

-Select a favorite picture from the ones displayed on the screen. At this point

Special interview:Haruka Kurebayashi

All decorations lead to Harajuku If “cute as a button” refers to the buttons


From the moment you are swallowed by Mr. Ten thousand Chopsticks, or Choppy, KAWAII