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The Number of People who have Tried VR has Doubled in a Year!! More than Games, People Want to…?”

  One year from 2016, said to be the first year of VR―According to

Present and future of what Nekonomics say about people’s psyche and use of their spare time – From “Yomawari Neko” to “CryptoKitties”-

“Crybabies? Are there any crybabies? Hmm… I sense tears!” Source:manga “Yomawari Neko” A student

Street Fighter? FIFA? The current state of e-sports in Japan

Have you ever heard of the term, e-sports? Overseas, there are many professionals in

Considering the Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Smartphone Game “Colopl RUNE STORY”, (Shiro-Neko Project)

Hearing the news on January 10th of NINTENDO’s filing of a patent suit against

What is your best product of 2017?
3rd: Detective Conan, 2nd: One Piece, and 1st is…

Out of the manga, anime, movies, TV shows, games, and other entertainment you saw

Behind the success of FGO: 3 daring changes from ‘Fate series’

In 2017, ‘Fate/Grand Order’ (hereafter FGO) received both ‘Twitter WORD of the year’ and

“That moment, with those eyes.”

“There is no city more suitable than Tokyo as a place in which the

“The Fiend with 17 Faces” “Assassination Classroom VR” Boasting various VR technologies - Alpha Code.
Tokyo Game Show 2017 report Part3

The largest gaming event “Tokyo Game Show 2017” (hereinafter known as “TGS”) in Japan

Video compression technology and “VR × eSports” developed by new company JPPVR.
Tokyo Game Show 2017 report Part 2

The Tokyo Game Show (hereinafter referred to as TGS) is the largest domestic gaming