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Present and future of what Nekonomics say about people’s psyche and use of their spare time – From “Yomawari Neko” to “CryptoKitties”-

“Crybabies? Are there any crybabies? Hmm… I sense tears!” Source:manga “Yomawari Neko” A student

How Japan Missed Wonder Woman–The Reason Why Female-Led Action Movies Are Not Popular Domestically

  As soon as it was published in June 2017, “Wonder Woman” became an

What is your best product of 2017?
3rd: Detective Conan, 2nd: One Piece, and 1st is…

Out of the manga, anime, movies, TV shows, games, and other entertainment you saw

The trend behind Blouson Chiemi’s popularity: Could it be an indication that Tokyo’s women becoming like Osaka aunties?

■Trends of 2017 Thinking back upon the trends of 2017, it’s Blouson Chiemi, a

2.5D Musicals Continue to Develop! What are their charms?

“2.5-Dimensional Musicals” are stage musicals that spring from an alliance between 2-D works like

Is Godzilla a remake or reimagining? Potentials of “Reimagining”
– the term garnering attention among Westerns

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters was released on November 7th, 2017. This movie is

2.5-Dimensional Musicals and Anime Songs, and the New Band Exploding in Popularity, Nulbarich!
“Tokyo International Music Market” Report Part 2

On October 23 (Mon), 24 (Tues), and 25 (Wed), the “14th Tokyo International Music

The World of Strange Animation That Engages the Mind and Senses

Pop culture such as anime and comics are thriving in Japan, but I wonder

How will TV shows change with IoT and VR? Second half

How will the progress of “IoT” and “VR” change TV shows? In Part 1