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Present and future of what Nekonomics say about people’s psyche and use of their spare time – From “Yomawari Neko” to “CryptoKitties”-

“Crybabies? Are there any crybabies? Hmm… I sense tears!” Source:manga “Yomawari Neko” A student

Hero Column – Koyomi Araragi

Kizumonogatari, which told the origin story of Nisio Isin’s representative “Monogatari” seri […]

Hero Column -Gen Hoshino-

After performing in the drama “Nigehaji” and the Kohaku music show at the end

Hero Column~Saiki Kusuo~

Have any of you seen the TV anime series “The Disastrous Life of Saiki

“Sanrio Danshi” Special article – The growing presence of female fans in the entertainment market

Nowadays the presence of female fans in this market is growing. Not only in

“Sanrio Danshi” Second half – A new development for this veteran character company

After being announced on their official Twitter on November of 2015, Sanrio Danshi immediately

FRI’s eye:The “Emoji” which are conquering the world. Following their roots up to the present moment

In April of this year the American branch of Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that

FRI’s eye:Unique capsule toys are constantly being released! They are popular among adults and tourists

Have you ever played with a capsule toy? For the last few years, many

FRI’s eye: Over 130,000 total visitors! Japan’s largest animation event “Anime Japan 2016”

Combining two major anime events, “Anime Japan” is Japan’s largest annually-held animation event that