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Are the movie adaptations of manga aimed at a new audience?

  In recent years, many manga have been made into live-action movies. Among fans

The Number of People who have Tried VR has Doubled in a Year!! More than Games, People Want to…?”

  One year from 2016, said to be the first year of VR―According to

Current usage of LINE and Instagram, according to the data

  Many people use social networking sites every day. This time, we’ll be bringing

Street Fighter? FIFA? The current state of e-sports in Japan

Have you ever heard of the term, e-sports? Overseas, there are many professionals in

Over 30% of high school students watched the anime movie “Your Name”

We did a large-scale survey involving over 10,000 respondents about the 2016 hit anime

80% of high school students are sick of Pokemon GO.

We carried out a large-scale questionnaire survey (*1) exceeding 10,000 people in order to

Can people be happy without money? The laws of happiness as seen from statistical data

Last year, the animated movie “In This Corner of the World” was an extraordinary

Thinking about “people,” “contents,” and “heroes” through colors.

Hello everyone, what’s your favorite color? Right now, my favorite color is blue, but

Are men in their unlucky 41st year really unhappy?

n Japan, it has long been said that a man’s 41st year is an