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”Design for foreign visitors” changes Shibuya’s hotel affairs “Conversion Hostel” is very hot… but what is it?

 “Where am I? What is this place?!”— By the end of the decade, you

48 Group, the sister groups of AKB48, and Sakamichi Series, Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46 … What is the future of the Warring States Idols? ~ Think about how to extend groups based on data ~

AKB48 continues to sell more than 1 million CDs, and Nogizaka46 · Keyakizaka46 (Sakamichi

Present and future of what Nekonomics say about people’s psyche and use of their spare time – From “Yomawari Neko” to “CryptoKitties”-

“Crybabies? Are there any crybabies? Hmm… I sense tears!” Source:manga “Yomawari Neko” A student

Considering the Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Smartphone Game “Colopl RUNE STORY”, (Shiro-Neko Project)

Hearing the news on January 10th of NINTENDO’s filing of a patent suit against

Do You Have a Place to Be, Just for You?
The “Third Place”, According to Japanese People

As the life lesson previously taught by older people says, “Once you have a

A new wave in the insular Japanese music industry! ‘Produce 48’ project, a collaboration of AKB 48 and a Korean audition program!

In 2017, the K-Pop group TWICE participated in the NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen for

What is your best product of 2017?
3rd: Detective Conan, 2nd: One Piece, and 1st is…

Out of the manga, anime, movies, TV shows, games, and other entertainment you saw

‘Low-Carb diet’ People Who Succeed & People Who Fail. A Way to Lose Weight, Even Without Exercise, Without Depriving Yourself of Food

  While it is the way of the world that nothing ever goes according

“Top Ranked Search” “Showa Retro” “Ofuro Café” Evolving Bath Facilities
-A Strategy to Attract People in a Shrinking Market- Part 2

“Super sento” (Super bathhouse) and “kenko land” (“health land”; health spas) have been developed