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Yoshitaka Amano Exhibition in Tokyo

From fine art to Final Fantasy Video game and anime illustrations as well as

Top 5 must buy fun goods at Thanko RARE-MONO Shop

Japanese craftsmanship by otaku   Thanko RARE-MONO’s products are accessories for otaku, by otaku.

Japanese Subculture as Seen by Foreign Artists Interview with David OReilly and Caleb Wood

Japanese anime, manga and video games have great followings in the west, but how

The past and present of Japanese video games

An Interview with Koji Igarashi If you are in your twenties or thirties and

Special interview:Haruka Kurebayashi

All decorations lead to Harajuku If “cute as a button” refers to the buttons


From the moment you are swallowed by Mr. Ten thousand Chopsticks, or Choppy, KAWAII

Digital Content Expo 2015 : Quick Report

Where is modern technology heading? The Digital Content Expo is an annual event held

Let’s Talk Subculture : OJAGA DESIGN

Japanese craftsmanship spirit meets Pikachu Already as a child, the founder of OJAGA DESIGN,

What You Oughta’ Know About Otome Road

Mecca of the FUJOSHI 腐女子 In a nutshell: Otome Road is to the Fujoshi