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How Japan Missed Wonder Woman–The Reason Why Female-Led Action Movies Are Not Popular Domestically

  As soon as it was published in June 2017, “Wonder Woman” became an

Is Godzilla a remake or reimagining? Potentials of “Reimagining”
– the term garnering attention among Westerns

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters was released on November 7th, 2017. This movie is

An IP business model for the sharing generation which uses time as its main value standard

We are experiencing a rise in awareness regarding environmental issues, a change in our

FRI Report: Research on the reception of content and the ideal image of a hero in China

The Chinese content market that surpassed that of Japan’s three years ago to a

FRI Report:The hero content which women crave for

If you hear the words “hero content”, what kind of content do you imagine?

FRI Report:The real conditions of leisure for Japanese people ~ Uses of time and money seen from the FYS~

The Fields Research Institute (FRI) has conducted a survey where it presented 400 questions

FRI Report:We don’t need manly heroes only! These are the heroes young people want in today’s Japan, a country where “femininity has risen”

If you hear the word “hero”, what do you all think of? Most people

FRI Report:The mind’s structure and subconscious approaches towards generating our feelings

Watching anime, reading manga, playing games… Every day we interact with many kinds of

FRI Report: ‘Fields Yoka Survey 2016’ Quick News Evolution of Nippon’s Leisure

  We, Fields Research Institute (FRI), conducts survey and research about ‘human being’ and