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Tokyo Game Show 2017 report Part3

The largest gaming event “Tokyo Game Show 2017” (hereinafter known as “TGS”) in Japan was also an opportunity to appeal to the participating companies. We had introduced JPPVR under the theme of companies with FRI as their unique selling points previously, and will look at Alpha Code this time round.

“Tokyo Game Show 2017” Alpha Code booth


■Featured Company #2 : Alpha Code

Alpha Code had set up their booth in four different sections within the TGS VR/AR corner this time round.
We managed to speak to Mr. Takuhiro Mizuno, the President CEO and CTO, of Alpha Code whose office is based in Yushima, Tokyo.



Alpha Code President CEO and CTO Mr. Takuhiro Mizuno (in office)


■VR “provides experience”

Alpha Code was established in 2015 and started off as a company that provides consultation services as well as the planning, research and development of network contents. The VR Division was set up in spring last year and we have since worked actively on the planning and development of VR initiatives. The VR business contributed to 10-20% of the total sales this fiscal year, which is a 50% increase compared to the previous year.

Mr. Mizuno is very much involved in the VR business and said that his first VR experience was E3 (Note 1) back in 2014. “It was a video image of being trapped in a cage in the middle of the sea and being attacked by sharks. At first I was conscious of the fact that the image was just VR, but the cage gradually wore down and disappeared and my acrophobia set in. VR at that time was completely different from the forms of media we had so far, and I felt the huge potential in its ability to “provide experience” and “directly affect minds”.

Even at TGS this time, we are showcasing unique contents focused on the theme of “experience” to show the public the technologies our company can offer.


■『Assassination Classroom VR Jump Festival ~Reprint Version~』

This is a VR production based on the manga “Assassination Classroom”, where all the students try to assassinate “Koro-sensei” who is almost impossible to kill due to his ability to move at Mach 20. The biggest feature of this game is that six people can play the game simultaneously. Everybody shares the same experiences such as pasting the answer sheets on the faces of players while avoiding the attacks of “Koro-sensei”. The aim of the game is to create shared memories.


『Assassination Classroom VR Jump Festival ~Reprint Version~』 booth

『Assassination Classroom VR Jump Festival ~Reprint Version~』image

『Assassination Classroom VR Jump Festival ~Reprint Version~』image


■『The Fiend with 17 Faces』

『The Fiend with 17 Faces』 is a work combining VR and board games, and was created with the concept of being “a handy VR that can be played from within a kotatsu” after Mr. Mizuno mentioned his desire to “create and develop some form of new entertainment”. The player plays the role of a detective and conducts investigations through the VR goggles to collect evidence chips required to clear the game. What is unique about this game is that other players can also put on VR goggles to “steal” the evidence chips of the player and claim them as their own. Players will then have to be constantly vigilant to ensure that their evidence chips are not stolen while conducting the investigations using VR with this function. This is an exciting product that creates tension by making use of the fact that the player’s visibility is blocked with the VR goggles.


『The Fiend with 17 Faces』

In-game state

『The Fiend with 17 Faces』VR image

『The Fiend with 17 Faces』VR image



This is a VR content management system that aims to help “everyone easily create and share VR videos within minutes”. There are editing functions such as attaching telop characters and including banners in the image in this VRider DIRECT while users are watching the VR videos with the goggles attached. “VQQSO VR” is showcased in the VAQSO booth (that was introduced in Part1 of the featured article) in TGS this time round, and can be processed to include features such as being able to smell curry when looking at the curry in the video.


VRider DIRECT corner in the VAQSO booth

VRider DIRECT processing image

VRider booth – 8KVR video solution package


■The Future of VR Deployment

We asked Mr. Mizuno on his thoughts about the future of the VR market hereon.
In terms of VR games, the hurdles for home use seem to be high with large and expensive hardware with growing markets in locations like arcades.

However, there may be business opportunities for VR in fields outside of gaming such as in educational and HR support. Mr. Mizuno mentioned that he would like Alpha Code to work on developing solutions such as introducing VR in various fields to make up for the expertise lost when the 60s and 70s baby boomers leave the working world.



■Insightful Takeaway

VR/AR and e-sports may have been talked about through this TGS but these fields still appear to be premature.
Every company was doing their best to showcase their unique capabilities. Among these companies, there are some that successfully left behind the impression of creating new ideas by combining existing ones such as JPPVR’s “VR x e-sports” convention project and Alpha Code’s project of combining VR and board games『The Fiend with 17 Faces』, which then serves as a hint to others.
I look forward to seeing the kind of new projects that will unfold in the future in the VR/AR and e-sports fields.

Tokyo Game Show 2017





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(Note 1) E3
The largest video game trade show in the world held in Los Angeles, USA.

(Article by : Kenichi Nakamura)

Fields Research Institute (FRI) conducts research in entertainment.
This article was written by a member of FRI, through the original coverage of his/her interests observed in their daily lives.


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