Shibuya Story Vol.15

When we go out to the main street again, we are already halfway through Dogenzaka. The trees are all blue. On the main street are various people who are keeping their lives hidden inside, and Dogenzaka is crowded today. I wonder if it is just my imagination that the faces of the people who are walking around look bright. When we head to the entrance of the newest building, once again, another part of Shibuya begins.

One of the faces of Shibuya. Mark City. From the center of Dogenzaka, it has a direct connection to Shibuya Station. Will traffic in Dogenzaka decrease, due to the fact that this was built here? On the contrary, I wonder if there will not actually be more people coming through here, adding to the traffic from before. After all, anyone who wants to walk in Dogenzaka will be able to walk in Dogenzaka at any time, right?

Three monuments standing at the entrance to Mark City. The one on the left side which can only be seen sideways is the Akiko Yosano Monument, the one in the center is a historical monument, and the one on the right is the Dogenzaka Memorial Service Monument. What is mysterious is, why is it that this is a memorial service monument? I do not know exactly what the memorial service was supposed to be for. Perhaps I also had a story that I would have wanted to secretly bury on this slope.

A small path that continues to Mark City. A street of about this narrowness reduces the distance between people. I, for some reason, think of this path as a sort of byway, and I like it. It might be because its narrowness is comfortable.

The Akiko Yosano Monument. Akiko Yosano, the wife of Tekkan Yosano, lived somewhere around here, and it is that, because of that, this was built. It is because it is a nostalgic poem, but, I am just astonished that the mountains were visible when I recited it. “Mother far, my eyes grow fond of western mountains. Might that be Sagami there, where rain clouds hover?”

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(Photo by Taichi Seo)

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