No controlling needed! Check out that super cool radio-controlled gadget that follow you as if it’s your pet!
-The International Tokyo Toy Show 2017 Report- Second half

The 2017 International Tokyo Toy Show amassed a total of 147,000 visitors over 4 days. We looked into toys for experience and toys for interaction in First half of our report. Now, in Second half, let’s check out the “High-Tech Toys”- toys made using the latest technology.

■The “High-Tech” Toys

“DRL Race Vision 220”(by Nikko Kyosho Egg)
DRL Race Vision 220 went on display as a high-spec drone for gaming. The toy goes at a speed of 160km/h, with a high-definition wide-angle camera going as wide as 130°. The drone is also good if you want to take it for a spin with a VR headset. This drone, which is “so fly”, is meant to target all kinds of users-even those that are super professional with drones.


DRL Race Vision220

Nikko Kyosho Egg’s booth. Check out that drone that’s flying around in the cage!

How the world looks like looking out from the drone

“Follow Me Helical” (by CCP)
On the other hand, for younger children who are just starting to get their hands on these flying toys, we have the “Follow Me Helical”.
I gave this helicopter a try as well. All you have to do is having the controller with you as you walk, and the helicopter will follow you around. It’s kind of like walking your pet. The infrared sensor in the heli helps maintain a distance between the toy and the controller that you hold, and the heil can stay afloat in its auto-hovering mode. The heli does lose its balance sometimes in relation to the user’s position, though. But, as far as radio-controlled toys are concerned, which usually require quite some practice to play with, this particular one is quite unique in terms of its user-friendliness. It’s quite possible that we will see an increasing number of people from different age groups buying these little flying gadgets in the future.
By the way, when you are good enough at the toy, you can try to control it manually, as well.


“Follow Me Helical” with a length of about 10 cm

Follow Me Helical in operation

“VR Shooting Spirits” (by Takara Tomy)
The VR Shooting Spirits makes it so that even kids under 12 can now enjoy VR. The VR Shooting Spirits is a simulation game where you run all around in the outer space at a super high speed, as you take a good aim at your approaching enemies and try to take them down. Since this game is meant to be kids-friendly, the screen of the gadget has been made to be 8 bits. The device itself is also pretty light in weight. And no fears if you are worried about your kids’ safety; the device has been designed so that the player’s vision is not completely blocked while he’s at it.


VR Shooting Spirits

A super intense scene from the game


“Jyro Roll”, a one-wheel electric skateboard

■A variety of figures on display at the exhibition


■A Last Word

Having visited this year’s Tokyo Toy Show, we were in awe of the creativity of the creators, as well as how far our technology has come.

Virtual products such as video games are now making its move into the realm of the actual world, while actual toys are finding their ways into the virtual world.

For now, let’s just sit back and enjoy bearing witness to how virtual and actual toys cross over into one each other’s realm . That’s our take-home message from this year’s show.

>>First half

(Article by: Kenichi Nakamura)

“The International Tokyo Toy Show 2017”

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