Content Tokyo – Special Lecture “AI x Creative” Flash Report
~Could AI Bring the Works of Osamu Tezuka into Reality?~

From June 28th to the 30th, the Content Tokyo AI/Artificial Intelligence Expo took place at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (aka. Tokyo Big Sight). As an opportunity to witness and experience the forefront of Japan’s AI/Artificial Intelligence technology, this event attracted a massive throng of spectators.
In a special lecture given on the 29th, a panel of leading Japanese AI researchers (Dr. Hitoshi Matsubara, Dr. Satoshi Kurihara, Dr. Hiroshi Yamakawa, and Dr. Yutaka Matsuo *video performance) and film director Makoto Tezuka delivered a dialogue on the theme of AI and creativity. The reason why this special lecture came to be was in fact because these four experts and Mr. Tezuka are currently serving a supervising role in the comic design and development stages of the ongoing NHK network anime series Atom: The Beginning.

To begin, Mr. Tezuka raised the questions related to the theme of the day’s events: “Can AI possess creative potential?”, and “Could AI bring the works of Osamu Tezuka into reality?” He indicated four criteria that must be met in order to be said to possess creativity (ideas, technique, emotion, and judgement), giving an explanation that incorporated the creative methods of Osamu Tezuka’s manga.
An idea, which establishes the basis of a work’s creativity, is followed by technique, the means by which this idea is executed (whether it is a storytelling method, illustration style, etc.), then comes emotion, the force that moves and stimulates us, and then finally judgement, the phenomenon that determines whether or not the other three factors altogether created something that was interesting to the receiver. Treating as the focal point the issue of how an AI could achieve the complicated process by which these components of creativity are born, a commentary that considered every possible means of achieving this unfolded between the three experts on stage.

After providing an explanation of the present state and limitations of artificial intelligence,
Dr. Matsubara called on research being conducted into “generic artificial intelligence” as having the idealized AI, which like Astro Boy possesses a heart and the capacity for creativity, as its ultimate significance. Mr. Kurihara continued the discussion with an explanation of the idea that the “independence” of AI will act as the threshold to new innovations, and finally Dr. Yamakawa referenced the importance of the concept of “mind uploading,” which transfers a human mind and the processes which manifest creativity into an AI machine.
This panel discussion debated the possibility of AI ever being capable of possessing a human mind and the ability to process judgment, and also included a group presentation of the ideas surrounding the Tezuka Osamu Digital Clone Project.

 In conclusion, Mr. Tezuka commented that, if the Osamu Tezuka digital clones with their just and fair human views and values are to be created, then it would mark the completion of a healthy new pathway into the age in which AI and their creators can work cooperatively. He brought the discussion to a close by noting the significance this project bears in this momentous role it could play.
In addressing the feasibility of creativity-enabled AI and delving into the specific approaches and techniques associated with it, this lecture turned out to be quite complex and profound. This site will report on three sides of the discussion, including Dr. Matsubara’s, Dr. Kurihara’s, and Dr. Yamakawa’s contributions, so we hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are!

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*Osamu Tezuka’s Digital Clone Project
In Atom: The Beginning, the Nerima University Lab 7 is the laboratory of the young Drs. Tenma and Ochanomizu, later to go on to create Atom. This project aims to create such a place in reality, starting with actual AI researchers, and aiming to develop an Osamu Tezuka Digital Clone AI, a creative AI entity which could help creators with their work.
For inquiries, please contact:

*The anime series Atom: The Beginning airs on NHK every Saturday at 11:00pm!

*This comic is currently being serialized in the monthly comic magazine Heros, and six separate volumes are now for sale!

*FRI supports Atom: The Beginning, Content Tokyo’s special lecture, and the Osamu Tezuka Digital Clone Project.


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