Shibuya Story Vol.13 Dogen-zaka

In the gap between the buildings, it seems as though some secret is hidden. Things like pipes and contrivances that cannot be seen from the front. One of the joys of the area around the back alley is, you may be able to discover something in the gaps. What I found here was an uprising of plants.

The frontal view of the dilapidated house from. The lightly floating view of the inside of the urban building symbolizes the changing times. I wonder if the pipe enclosure should be isolated from the times rather than from the people.

It looks like a flower bed. But maybe it was originally a trash can? In the old days, concrete trash cans had been installed throughout the neighborhood. I guess that, because of they are heavy and immovable, this is the sort of way in which they have come to be used. It seems to be crumbling and left unattended, but the plants whose flowers bloom even there are strong.

An unusually well-maintained alley. Inside, there is a hotel entrance, so that may be why it has been tidied up. At the fronts of narrow alleys that I often happen to see downtown, gaudy hotel entrances would be odd and amusing.

I wonder what is it that causes the plants to cling to the building.Maybe the plants end up spreading from their pots while relieving themselves of the loneliness of not being in a garden. Before the insulation effect was called for, the wisdom of life may have taught the benefits of coexistence with plants.

(Photo by Taichi Seo)

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