Shibuya Story Vol.11 Dogen-zaka

A tiny playground and there is one iron bar without children around. Beyond the fence there is an old detached house. This scene is typical of Shibuya. The plants on the roof-top terrace need to be watered.

I notice the complex web of power-supply cables in the back streets. The cables run low overhead and are connected to each building. The street landscape should look clean and tidy without the cables. However, nobody would notice it if they were taken away. It is unnoticeable whether they exist or not. Is it really only electricity which is carried by the cables?

We see a high-rise building far in the distance from a street in Dogen-zaka. You realise that there are no tall buildings like this around Dogen-zaka. The building structure in Shibuya looks more similar to Asakura, the historical shopping and entertainment district rather than Shinjuku, which has multiple characteristics including a shopping and entertainment district as well as the business district with company offices in skyscrapers and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower.

People in the trendy town of Shibuya just happen to prefer the nostalgic atmosphere of past times.

Talking about the large trees, this is one of the places where we can notice them, a street crossing in the middle of Dogen-zaka. When they grow further over the years to form an arch, will this still be a busy district? Or will the trees be thinned for landscaping. Tokyo changed a lot because of the Olympic Games in 1964. I do hope that we will not lose the trees in preparation for the Olympic Games in 2020.

There is a monument to the memory of Ms. Akiko Yosano (a famous female waka poet and wife of Mr. Tekkan Yosano, a prominent waka poet, both performed actively in early part of 1900s). Nobody pays attention to the monument at the moment. Tekkan and Akiko Yosano would probably wish Shibuya was a cultural centre again, if they were still alive?

Maruyama-cho is packed by a variety of low-rent hotels ranging from a small one, to medium and large ones. As they continue their business, the matching demand must be there which is created by the lots of people in Tokyo. Each couple goes into the hotel rooms for their own reasons which could be even different between the two. This is a secluded place to hide if you wish to be left undisturbed.

(Photo by Taichi Seo)

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