A small theme park “Photo Sticker Machines” -a look into the world of “beautifying”- Part 2

In Japan,“Yamanba” became popular in early 2000s, and “Ofero make-up” became popular in late 2014. As with the changes in make-up trends, photo sticker machines (subsequently referred to as Photo Sticker Machines), which have secured a cultural status in younger female generations, have also undergone changes in trends. Such changes will be discussed here, including the machines by FURYU.

■Changes in Photo Sticker Machines

Photo Sticker Machines first appeared in 1995. At that time, images were largely unmodified.
When skin whitening became popular around 1999, Photo Sticker Machines began incorporating high-key modifications to brighten the shading on faces.
They allowed adjustments on the level of whiteness.

“High-key shot” circa 1999

“High-key shot” image

In early 2000, playful functions to edit or add text to the images were introduced. Many machines became “fun to play with friends.” There were unique Photo Sticker Machines with stairs or a movable stage in the booth.

“Tilty Shot” circa 2001

“Tilty Shot” image

“Bizoku” circa 2005

“Bizoku” image

Around 2007, reader models, who emphasized their eyes with “fake eyelashes” and “color eye contacts” became popular. With this, Photo Sticker Machines entered a “Deka Me (large eyes)” period, with eye-enhancing functions of full make-up. Functions to “beautify” parts were popularized.

“Bijin -Premium-“ circa 2007

“Bijin -Premium-“ image

In 2009, blogs such as “Decolog,” became popular among young women, and they began uploading their own fashion. This trend triggered an introduction of machines that could take full-body shots.

“Lumi” circa 2009

“Lumi” image

The trend of “beautify” faced a large turning point in 2011. The popularity of idol groups such as AKB48, made “natural, yet beautified” a new standard of “Kawaii (cuteness).” It was the dawn of the “natural-looking beautify” period, where it was all about how naturally parts were beautified.

“LADY BY TOKYO” circa 2011


“R” circa 2014

“R” image

By 2017, due to the wide-spread use of social media, trends among girls have diversified. While “natural-looking beautify” still exists as an overarching trend, machines now allow modification of selected parts, like “eye shape.” Machines that allow users to make adjustments to desired parts, to “beautify” the images to fit their ideal, are popular.

“BABY” circa 2017

“BABY” image

“KATY 3” scheduled for release in April, 2017

“KATY 3” image

FURYU is one of the newest manufacturers in the photo sticker industry. Yet, it currently holds the greatest share in the market. Next time, we will look at its marketing strategies.

FURYU Corporation website

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(Article by: Kenichi Nakamura)

Fields Research Institute (FRI) conducts research in entertainment.
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