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Have any of you read the serial publication “My Hero Academia” (below referred to as “Heroaca”), published by Shonen Jump? It was made into an anime in 2016, and a second season has been confirmed to start broadcasting in April of 2017. The protagonist of this popular series, Izuku Midoriya, is a type of protagonist which hasn’t appeared much in shows like these up until today. In this article I would like to introduce this character.

In the world of Heroaca, everyone has some sort of super power which gives them their characteristic individuality. Then, these people use their individuality in order to become professional heroes. However, some people are also born without any distinctive traits or individuality. Izuku, our protagonist, had dreamed ever since he was a child of becoming a hero who could exhibit his own individuality, and yet he was a person with no abilities of distinctive individuality. The day in his childhood when Izuku discovered this was a very sad one, but he did not give up then, and that is the first of his great traits. He continued trying his best without abandoning his dreams, until he finally revealed a secret potential he had within him, and inherited an individuality from the academy’s top hero, All Might.
If you want to find out what happens, then be sure to read the comics or watch the anime!

So, if we take a look at our research institute’s “hero database” (*), Izuku has a lot of hits of these keywords: “never gives up”, “works hard without people knowing”, “has a strong bond with friends”. Other similar characters could be Kozue Ayuhara from “Attack No. 1”, or Tsubasa Oozora from “Captain Tsubasa”. Izuku is clearly a character which retains the old spirit of protagonists from years ago. I see, this kind of personality has always fascinated readers all through the ages.
In recent times, there are many types of heroes which show a slight apathy, no desire to cooperate with others, etc. But maybe at the root they all hold this same spirit!

(*) The “hero database” is a database formed of a fixed number of survey results conducted by FRI. The hero characters in the database are organized into 13 types of personality, and 6 types of hero.

(Article by: Maki Kobayashi)


Fields Research Institute (FRI) conducts research in entertainment.
This article was written by a member of FRI, through the original coverage of his/her interests observed in their daily lives.

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