Hero Column -Gen Hoshino-

After performing in the drama “Nigehaji” and the Kohaku music show at the end of last year, Gen Hoshino stole the spotlight.
Dubbed the “Fastest-Selling Male Solo Artist in Japan”, and the “Representative of Hot ‘Shiogao (undefined face) Men’”, he is indeed the man of the moment.
But his image is quite different from the standard popular figure (hero). Hot popular actors generally play cool roles, but Gen Hoshino rocks the opposite roles. The real Gen Hoshino also displays his multiple talents through his unaffected, almost naughty talks on radio shows.

Based on our Research and Development Office’s “Hero Database”, it appears that he has a “casual and friendly” personality and appearance, as well as an outstanding quality of “excessive power” and “indomitable spirit”.
His indomitable spirit can be observed through the difficulties he had as a child, his clumsiness in daily life, his affliction of a serious illness after his debut, and his remarkable comeback after two hospitalizations. I think the secret to his popularity lies in the contrast between the difficulties he has overcome and the roles he plays.

Another hero with such characteristics is the peculiar American comic hero, Deadpool. I risk angering Gen Hoshino fans since their looks are completely different, but consider these similarities:

“R-rated” language⇒His talks during radio shows and concerts (casual and friendly personality)
Skilled in martial arts, firearms, and swords; breaks the fourth wall⇒He breaks through the walls of the media and demonstrates multiple talents (excessive power)
Healing factor (super resilience)⇒Recovery from two hospitalizations (indomitable spirit)

On January 4th, 2017, the “Gyoten! Maruchin Ranking” show announced that January 28th is the luckiest birthday of 2017. This day is in fact Gen Hoshino’s birthday. His future will certainly be bright.

*”Hero Database” evaluates a hero in terms of “13 characteristics” and “6 hero attributes” based on FRI’s quantitative research.

(Article by: Kazuya Yoshida)


Fields Research Institute (FRI) conducts research in entertainment.
This article was written by a member of FRI, through the original coverage of his/her interests observed in their daily lives.

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