FRI’s eye:Christmas is coming up! What do kids in Shibuya want for Christmas present!?

FRI handed out a questionnaire to 60 children who live in Shibuya.
What are the popular trends among them? What things do they want ? Who do they like as their heroes ?
We’ll deliver you the real opinions of the “downtown kids”.

Q1. What things are popular among your friends at school?

1st place “PPAP (Piko-taro)”…39%
2nd place “playground games”…13%
3rd place “dodgeball”…7%
Other answers: The Pocky Dance, Perfect Human by RADIO FISH, the Saito-san game, etc.
(* Answers by boys and girls have been mixed together)

Just as expected, PPAP (who also appeared in Kabuki Dance) was nominated as being this year’s most popular word, and easily took the 1st place. In last year’s questionnaire, many girls chose “Kabe-don” as their answer, but PPAP seems to have taken its place this year. Besides, Perfect Human and Pocky Dance also made it into the list, showing that “dances” are very popular among elementary school children.

Q2. What do you want for Christmas?

1st place: 3DS / videogames…35%
2nd place: Trading card game…9%
2nd place: Lego…9%
Other answers: Implements for stage magic, ninja figurines, percussion instruments, etc.
(* Including repeated answers)

1st place: 3DS / videogames…19%
1st place: Cellphone / iPod / camera…19%
3rd place: Tamagotchi…7%
Other answers: Cotton candy machine, sewing machine, stationery, etc.
(* Including repeated answers)

Boys and girls both want a 3DS and videogames, but after that their opinions become very different. Boys show a tendency to prefer trading card games and Lego, objects which you can play with in-doors. On the other hand, girls seem to like cellphones, iPods and cameras, all sorts of electronic devices. They also like cotton candy machines, sewing machines, and other sorts of devices with which you can play, so they show a preference for things which have a practical use.

Q3. Who is your hero?

1st place: Ultraman…21%
2nd place: Somegoro Ichikawa…8%
3rd place: Katta Kirifuda (Duel Masters)…8%
Other answers: Kamen Rider, Vegeta from Dragonball, Akakage
(* Including repeated answers)

1st place: My mother…10%
2nd place: Somegoro Ichikawa…10%
3rd place: Takuya Kimura…5%
Other answers: Ayako Imoto, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, my grandmother, etc.
(* Including repeated answers)

Except for Somegoro Ichikawa, boys seem to prefer fictional characters. On the other hand, girls tend to place their mothers in 1st position, and tend to choose real people, such as TV celebrities and other family members. This was the main contrast between girls and boys. Also, there was only 1 girl who placed her father as her hero, a fact which will probably upset most men who have children.

So, what did you think? Here at FRI we want to continue focusing on Shibuya and on the people who frequent its streets, and investigate the “current Shibuya”.

Fields Research Institute (FRI) conducts research in entertainment.
This article was written by a member of FRI, through the original coverage of his/her interests observed in their daily lives.

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