Special SHIBUYA Vol.7 : Shibuya Story from February, 2016 to January, 2017
Around Japan Railway Shibuya Station

A person who is briskly walking away.  A person who stopped to check his mobile phone. A person who is sitting down looking up the sky. People gather in Shibuya and go back to their own secret places.

Shibuya Station has been built on a hollow. I feel darkness around Shibuya Station which differs from atmosphere of other stations. Perhaps, it rises from a hollow, its location.


All people are waiting in order. When signal turns green, they start to cross the roads all together. It is natural landscape for us but it symbolizes Japanese character.


Shibuya Station reminds everybody of a loyal dog, Hachiko. Shibuya used to be one of suburbs of Tokyo, when Hachiko was waiting for his master there. Only less than 100 years have passed. Nobody could have imagined today’s Shibuya.


The streets which Hachiko used to commute to meet his master is now filled with vehicles and people. It seems the time accelerates its changing speed within 30 years. What is Hachiko going to see in 100 years from now?


I don’t have memory of having seen this tree while waiting 30 years ago. It may have been then transplanted. If the trains runs here and if the station stands in 100 years, the tree must become a symbol of this station.

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