Special SHIBUYA Vol.6 : Shibuya Story from February, 2016 to January, 2017
Around Japan Railway Shibuya Station

Outdoor signage have become a part of a landscape and has been making it.
I am worry about its effects when I look up it once again. That’s none of my business. Maybe I’m nosey.


I wonder if a walking speed gets a little slower on these sunny days and wrinkles between our brows get slightly shallow.  Such whether is my favorite.


Many layers of Railroads and subways around Shibuya Station have formed a labyrinth.
Bus routes are so complicated like webs and invisible. An imaginary stage named Shibuya beautiful but suspicious.


Have you ever thought of getting on a bus not on usual trains on the days you do not have any errands to do? I still don’t get use to the cramped space in the bus, and the atmosphere strangers stand too close to each other.


People wait when no cars come. I understand this is Japanese characteristic. In Shibuya, everybody stop and walk by traffic signals. It IS mystery that no one think it is mystery.


Tokyu, a department store has a symbol of Shibuya for quite a while. Shibuya was full of the symbol and there had been a time we got on Tokyu’s new attempts unconsciously.  The legend will unveil a new symbol from present one which we have been looking up.


“Shibuya will continue to change.” (A sentence on the wall.)
This change might have been happened and will be happening forever.

Photo by Taichi Seo

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