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Special SHIBUYA:Shibuya Chronicle #1

Making an Ideal District for the Safety of Newcomers The Vibrant Center-Gai! Shibuya is

Special SHIBUYA Vol.3 : Shibuya Story from February, 2016 to January, 2017 Around Japan Railway Shibuya Station

  Hikarie, which was constructed to use of the land after Tokyu Bunka Kaikan,

Content Consumption Styles in an Age of Low Birth Rates and Rising Elderly Population

“Three Generation Consumption,” a new style of consumption, has drawn a lot of attention.

Top 5 must buy fun goods at Thanko RARE-MONO Shop

Japanese craftsmanship by otaku   Thanko RARE-MONO’s products are accessories for otaku, by otaku.

Ghost in the Shell REALIZE PROJECT

Shirow Masamune, a magnate of the Japanese science-fiction manga industry, created Ghost in the